Opening conference
Opening international conference entitled “Through communication towards prosperity of the Slovak-Ukraine border region“ took place on 19.1.2016 in Svidník as part of solution of the project. Partners of the project and relevant institutions of public administration from the entitled area of the Prešov and Košice self-governing regions and the Transcarpathian area of Ukraine were invited and participated on the conference. Representatives of project partners from the Slovak and Ukrainian side met in the premises of the Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidník. Secretary of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway Rannveig Skofteland together with the EEA and Norwegian Grants advisor Soňa Sulíková joined the conference

Information Campaign of the project
A questionnaire survey has been implemented with participation of students of participating universities in selected cities of the entitled area. The acquired data will be used when processing the proposals of the information campaign.

Film production and photography
Experts in the photography filmed and took pictures of the area of the border region with Ukraine for the purpose of subsequent making of a film and implementation of a travelling exhibition. The outputs will also serve for the promotion of this region.

Analysis of the development potential of the cross border region
Experts implemented an analysis of the cross border region focused on the assessment and comparison of current status, which is the starting point for the creation of a regional development strategy.